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Empowering truckers and trucking companies nationwide with specialized commercial insurance

For over 25 years, Elite International Insurance Services has been the bedrock of excellence in commercial trucking insurance. Our deep-rooted commitment to the industry and our clients is a testament to our experience and expertise. We specialize in providing premium coverage solutions to independent truckers and trucking companies, ensuring their operations run smoothly and securely.

With a legacy spanning a quarter of a century, Elite International Insurance Services brings unparalleled knowledge to the table. Our profound understanding of the intricacies of the trucking world enables us to offer not just insurance coverage, but tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Coverage, Personal Touch

From the might of semi-trucks to the versatility of dump trucks, we cover a diverse range of vehicles. What truly differentiates us is our unwavering commitment to personalization. Each inquiry receives meticulous attention, resulting in insurance options that reflect your business intricacies accurately.

Your Trusted Partner Every Step of the Way

Our services go beyond insurance paperwork. Whether you’re seeking initial quotes, exploring financing options, or needing assistance with registration paperwork, we have you covered. Our commitment extends to ensuring full compliance with regulations, offering peace of mind while you focus on steering your business forward.

Empowering Your Success

At Elite International Insurance Services, we believe in fueling your success. Our custom-tailored commercial trucking insurance quotes aren’t just a shield for your assets – they’re a catalyst for your growth. By strategically improving your cashflow, we enable you to navigate challenges confidently.

The Commercial Trucking Insurance Pros

The Customer Service and Knowledge Your Business Needs

For a quarter of a century, we’ve earned a reputation for being a steadfast ally to truckers and trucking companies. Our track record speaks volumes about our reliability, expertise, and personalized service. When you partner with us, you’re not just getting insurance; you’re getting a support system dedicated to your success.

Experience Excellence Today

As we celebrate our 25-year milestone, we invite you to experience the Elite International Insurance Services advantage. Contact us today and unlock a world of insurance solutions tailored to your needs. Let our seasoned experience be the driving force behind your commercial trucking journey. Your peace of mind starts with us.


what our clients say

"Elite International Insurance Services provided me with an unbeatable quote for my commercial trucking needs. Their affordability and quality coverage are unmatched in the industry."

Markian Stars Customer

"Impressed by Elite International Insurance Services' profound knowledge of the trucking industry. They guided me through the complexities and tailored coverage that perfectly suits my business."

Anna Montana Customer

"Elite International Insurance Services stands out with their exceptional industry expertise. Their commitment to finding the best insurance solution for my commercial trucking business was truly remarkable."

Steve Aiden Customer

"I've had the pleasure of experiencing the best customer service at Elite International Insurance Services. Their dedicated team went above and beyond to ensure I had the right coverage for my commercial trucking business."

Linna Navaro Customer