Accidents can happen at any time with any vehicle. When it involves a commercial vehicle carrying equipment or products, the cargo must be insured if something happens to the load from point A to the final destination. The driver and company hauling the cargo are fully responsible for the shipment. If another driver is at fault, their liability may not cover everything of the load’s value. Then the cost will fall on the driver or company. Getting motor truck cargo insurance from Elite International Insurance Services will remove the stress of having to fork out a substantial amount of money to compensate for the loss of the cargo.

Vehicles That May Require Cargo Coverage

Any commercial motor truck that hauls equipment for another company or customer should have motor truck cargo insurance. Commercial vehicle insurance may only cover a portion, but full cargo insurance coverage will come from the motor truck cargo insurance, which is separate. These are some of the motor vehicles recommended to add to the coverage:

Things That Can Happen to the Cargo

Many things can happen to cargo from when loaded on the truck until it is on the ground at its destination. You want to ensure cargo insurance coverage is available to take care of any damage to the shipment. Otherwise, it will come from the company’s pocket, the driver’s, or both. Knowing the policy and what the insurance covers is critical before handling the load. These are some of the most common mishaps that can occur.

  1. Forklift Damage: A forklift can cause a lot of damage if a mistake happens during the loading and off-loading. The cargo can fall off the forklift or the truck or trailer. Forklift operator error could cause damage to the forks going through the load. Even forklifts can obtain motor cargo insurance for their loads.
  2. Driver Error: If the driver fails to secure the load properly or the truck driver causes an accident. The load can get damaged.
  3. Negligence of another driver: If another driver causes an accident and the load is damaged, their liability may cover a portion of the load. The rest may be compensated from the cargo insurance coverage. Both insurance companies may battle to retrieve their money from the negligent driver’s insurance. The negligent driver may have no insurance, and the cargo insurance company would cover the damaged cargo.
  4. Weather conditions: Weather conditions are out of everyone’s control, but the weather will sometimes do extensive damage to a load. Lightning, windstorms, and tornadoes are things Mother Nature can lash out at any time.
  5. Causes by another individual: These are caused by damage from a person or group of people who steal, vandalize, or cause any form of damage to the load.

Not Included Items for Coverage

The commercial trucking insurance policies will tell all that is and isn’t included in the motor truck cargo insurance. If any of these items are damaged, it will be at the owner’s expense to replace them.

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