Patricia Murray Park in Fontana, California

Patricia Murray Park is a beautiful, green park in the heart of Fontana. It is an ideal place to play, picnic and relax with family and friends. It offers all the amenities you need for a great day, including a swimming pool, playgrounds, sports fields, a picnic area and much more. The park is also very close to the city center, where you can enjoy a variety of local attractions. Learn More about Fontana here!

Facilities offered

Patricia Murray Park is an excellent place to go for the entire family. It’s a small park that is clean and well kept. While there are not a lot of sports, it has a nice activity pool with a zero depth entrance. There is also a basketball court, a volleyball court, and agility ladders. In addition, there are rowers, Rogue bikes, an S trainer, and a Queenax System.

There is also access to a BNSF railway and the Metrolink line. The location is convenient, and it’s easy to get to shopping and dining options, as well as Victoria Gardens. This is a park that’s not too well known, and it’s a good place to visit if you want a quiet place to play. A great post!

Recreational activities available

Patricia Murray Park is a small, clean, and well maintained park that is hidden away, but not completely unknown. It is located in Fontana, California, on Jamestown Circle. You can find it just north of the BNSF Railway and directly adjacent to the Metrolink line. There is little to no traffic and the park is very secluded.

Although it is not a well known park, Patricia Murray Park is a wonderful place to hang out for a while. There are several restaurants nearby and you can go to Jump Around amusement park or K1 Speed go karts. Aside from these attractions, there are many other activities that you can participate in.

The City of Fontana seeks to enrich the lives of both its residents and visitors. Therefore, it makes sure that the projects it plans to build do not degrade existing parks, nor do they create new ones. Click for more info!

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